Excel 6:Beginning, Ending and Vowel Sounds


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ISBN : 1877085839
作者 : Hunter Calder
出版 : Pascal Press
頁數 : 48
尺寸 : 200mm x 275mm
規格 : 平裝
書系 : Early Skills - Excel English
級數 : Level 6
適用程度 : 幼稚園、國小初階
相關類別 : 啟蒙/發音(phonics)

孩子將整合前面三冊所學到的子音字首(Book 3)、子音字尾(Book 4)及母音(Book 5)的發音知識,且更進一步發展他們在單字和發音之間的相關知識。他們也練習寫出這些關鍵字母。

In English Books 3, 4 and 5 in this series, children learn about the beginning sounds, ending sounds and vowel sounds of words in detail.This book consolidates and revises your child's knowledge in these areas.

In the book, your child will:

  1. understand further the relationship between letters and their sounds
  2. practise writing letters to match sounds
  3. identify sounds at the beginning, middle and ending of words.