Excel 7:Learning the Alphabet


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ISBN : 1877085847
作者 : Hunter Calder
出版 : Pascal Press
頁數 : 48
尺寸 : 200mm x 275mm
規格 : 平裝
書系 : Early Skills - Excel English
級數 : Level 7
適用程度 : 幼稚園、國小初階
相關類別 : 啟蒙練習/字母


This book your child teaches your child to recognise all thee letters in the alphabet, and breaks it down into three sections.

In the book, your child will:

  1. learn the names of all the letters of the alphabet
  2. match each letter to the beginning sounds of words
  3. learn to distinguish between different letters and their sounds
  4. practise writing each letter.