Excel 9:Reading with Sounds (2)


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ISBN : 1877085863
作者 : Hunter Calder
出版 : Pascal Press
頁數 : 48
尺寸 : 200mm x 275mm
規格 : 平裝
書系 : Early Skills - Excel English
級數 : Level 9
適用程度 : 幼稚園、國小初階
相關類別 : 啟蒙/發音(phonics)


Once your child is familiar with letters of the alphabet and matched them to their sounds, they can start putting sounds together into words. Book 8 started your child reading and writing whole words, and Book 9 continues with further activities.

In this book, your child will:

  1. practise blending simple single-letter sounds into meaningful words
  2. learn to choose the correct word from a list of words with the same endings and patterns
  3. write whole words for pictures.