MPR1:The Princess and the Frog (Br&AmE with CD-R)


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ISBN : 9789604434671
作者 : The Brothers Grimm, retold by H.Q. Mitchell
出版 : MM Publications
頁數 : 32
尺寸 : 190mm x 240mm
規格 : 彩色/平裝 + 1CD-ROM
書系 : Primary Readers
級數 : Level 1
適用程度 : 國小/A1(CEF)/Starters(YLE)
相關類別 : 讀本
Headwords : 80





A beautiful princess drops her favourite golden ball in the palace well. How will she get it back? A little frog offers to help her, but not without getting something in return...Read this classic fairytale, and discover how spoiled princess will find her ball, together with something much more precious.