MPR2:The Selfish Giant (Br&AmE with CD-R)


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ISBN : 9789604436507
作者 : Oscar Wilde, retold by H.Q. Mitchell
出版 : MM Publications
頁數 : 40
尺寸 : 190mm x 240mm
規格 : 彩色/平裝 + 1CD-ROM
書系 : Primary Readers
級數 : Level 2
適用程度 : 國小/A1(CEF)/Starters(YLE)
相關類別 : 讀本
Headwords : 100





A big giant lives in a big house with a beautiful garden. Everybody likes his garden but the giant is selfish and wants it all to himself. Read and find out how the selfish giant changes and becomes kind.