MPR4:The Short-necked Giraffe (Br&AmE with CD-R)


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ISBN : 9789605736965
作者 : H.Q. Mitchelle, Marileni Malkogianni
出版 : MM Publications
頁數 : 44
尺寸 : 190mm x 240mm
規格 : 彩色/平裝 + 1CD-ROM
書系 : Primary Readers
級數 : Level 4
適用程度 : 國小/A1.2(CEF)/Movers(YLE)
相關類別 : 讀本
Headwords : 225





One day, a little giraffe is born in the jungle. But Jumaane is not like the other giraffes, he is different. Follow Jumaane’s story and find out what it means to be different and how this ‘difference’ will make a difference.