MTR4:Wuthering Heights


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ISBN : 9789604786237
作者 : Retold by H.Q. Mitchell
出版 : MM Publications
頁數 : 72
尺寸 : 154mm x 214mm
規格 : 彩色/平裝 + 1CD-ROM
書系 : Top Readers
級數 : Level 4
適用程度 : 國高中以上
相關類別 : 讀本
Headwords :1200






 Telling the story of two generations, Wuthering Heights is the powerful tale of the love between Heathcliff, a poor boy, possibly of gypsy origin, and Catherine, a wealthy young woman.Though she and Heathcliff have strong feelings for each other, Catherine decides to marry her rich neighbour, Edgar Linton, to maintain her social status and reputation. Hurt by her rejection, Heathcliff devises a plan to take revenge on Catherine's family, with tragic consequences.